Building Resilience Against Climate and Environmental Shocks (BRACE)

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Eligibility Criteria

Operate a registered business

18 years and above

Owner or designated employee of an AgriSMEs

A citizen and resident of any African country

What is BRACE?

In 2023, African Food Changemakers launched the “Building Resilience Against Climate and Environmental Shocks” (BRACE) program. BRACE is an intensive capacity development program designed to support African small and medium entrepreneurs (agriSMEs) in the agribusiness landscape to be aware about how their businesses are affected by climate change and to enable them develop strategies to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change through climate-smart practices. Leveraging on ICT, data, and innovation, BRACE is empowering 3,000 agriSMEs in the next two (2) years through training and technical support to implement sustainable solutions to scaling their agribusinesses.

Overview BRACE

BRACE is a three-month capacity development program. The program leverages a hybrid learning experience to engage entrepreneurs through training, peer learning, and practical applications.

Benefit of Program
  • Deployment of a diagnostic tool to assess their level of awareness regarding the impact of climate change on their agribusinesses, familiarity with, and readiness to deploy, existing local solutions in the landscape.
  • A self-paced six (6) week online learning program with relevant and practical climate curriculum.
  • Hands-on practical assignments that cumulatively result in the ‘greening’ of participants' agribusinesses to better position them to leverage climate financing opportunities in the ecosystem.
  • Engagement in a community of practice for networking, peer-to-peer learning, experience sharing, group discussions, assignments, and co-creation of solutions.
  • Provision of information, resources, and tools to enable investments and decisions that lead to sustainable climate solutions.
  • Opportunity to join the AFC hub community for additional resources, data, funding support and market linkages to enhance business visibility, profitability, growth and success..
Meet the Trainers
  • Climate experts knowledgeable on adaptation, mitigation, and climate financing.
  • Agribusiness entrepreneurs that have adopted climate-smart practices into their businesses.
cromwel-b-lukorito Cromwel B Lukorito
dr-debisi-araba Dr Adebisi Araba
ernest-habanabakize Ernest Habanabakize
jolene-dawson Jolene Dawson
louise-erskine Louise Erskine
nnaemeka-ikegwuonu Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu
dr-olufunso-somorin Dr Olufunso Somorin

Climate Change and your Agribusiness

Adaptation and mitigation strategies in logistics, distribution, retail and consumption

Adaptation and mitigation strategies in primary production

Gender and Climate

Adaptation and mitigation strategies in processing and packaging

Climate Policy and Shaping the Ecosystem

Optimizing Opportunities in Climate Smart Agriculture (Carbon farming, carbon markets and climate financing)

Participant Commitments

This training program is valued at over $1,000. However, with the support of our funder,
the cost has been fully covered. However, participants must commit to:

  1. Attending all the six weekly live interactive sessions.
  2. Completing the online training modules.
  3. Submitting all assignments and actively engaging in interactions with other participants in the learning community.
  4. Completing all pre and post program surveys and sending periodic updates and reporting about their Agribusiness climate adoption and greening process six months, a year and two years after the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agribusinesses operating in Africa and any part of the Agribusiness sector’s value chain.

No. BRACE is a completely free program supported by a funder.

Participants are expected to:
• Attend all the weekly webinars/check-in sessions scheduled Thursday or Friday evenings across African time zones.
• Complete the self-paced online modules in 6 weeks.
• Submit all online courses assignments and tasks
• Spend a minimum of four (4) hours per week completing the modules and assignments.